Types of Massages

Therapeutic Massage:

Therapeutic includes, is not limited to Swedish, trigger point, IFT, positional release, deep tissue, soft tissue, and accelerated soft tissue.  Kathy will work with a client to develop a plan for body health, mental well being and pain relief.



A form of natural healing which, enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.  During a Reiki session the client sits in a chair or lies on the table fully clothed.  The practitioner places hands on or above the body and allows the energy to radiate.


Interactive Facial Therapy:

IFT is a technique developed by John Thorpe that allows you to work several layers of tissue, from superficial fascia to the deepest layer of connective tissues.  Through this facial approach we can work a wide range of connective tissues.


Rejuvenation Massage:

Rejuvenation is a style of massage used for accelerated rest and recovery for stressed and active people.  It is also wonderful for a deeper type of healing and rejuvenation after an injury or surgery.  It combines quick, flowing movements with slow, deeper compressions, in a style that facilitates deep relaxation and recuperation.  The practitioner is not only massaging, but is actively holding a space through consciousness practices.  These practices can produce an extraordinarily deep rest through a process call entrainment.  It facilitates the movement of the client's brainwaves into the Theta bandwidth.


Oncology and Medical Massage:

These techniques are tailored specifically with a client, their family and their Doctors.  Massage can be beneficial in all stages of treatment using different modalities of massage and energy work.


Lymphatic Massage:

Lymphatic is a type of treatment that has no equal in what it can do.  It can help detox the body, boost the immune system, help with post surgery bruising and edema.  It is a very light touch massage and can have wonderful effects on a person’s overall health.


Pregnancy Massage:

It can help reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, decrease non-pathological edema (in hands and feet), decrease headaches, increase circulation to help with muscle cramps and numbness.  As the pregnancy progress it can help with low back pain, neck and shoulder and neck pain and sciatica.  Over all it can help to increase energy, decrease fatigue and decrease stress.  It gives the mom-to-be a time for her to rejuvenate and feel special.


Lomi Lomi Massage:

 A Hawaiian form of massage, also known as dance massage.  Lomi Lomi combines the use of prayer, breath and energy with a variety of massage strokes to relieve “blocked” areas of energy in the body.  Lomi Lomi helps to relax the nervous system, increase circulation and create a tangible sense of well being.


Hot Stone Massage:

Hot Stone can be very relaxing and comforting massage.  It can also provide healing by the heat or sometimes cold of the stones.  Some people feel it enhances awareness and can bring you closer to your true essence, earth.  Several cultures have used heated stones for healing and a means of improving the function of internal organs.  Stones that are varying in size are heated in water and placed in different patterns on the body to provide warmth and comfort.  During rotation of the stones, the body may be massaged lightly with heated stones.


Spa Techniques:

A combination of Natural Sugar and Salt scrubs,  followed by a luxurious clay mask, that are made without chemicals or preservatives.  They are used to exfoliate the body while allowing the mind to wander in a bath of aromas.  This is combined with clay masques for the body (as well as the face) for a wonderful rejuvenating experience for mind, body and soul.  It allows one to escape into a wonderland that encompasses the body as a whole. 


Ask for available scrubs.

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